Citizens Business Bank Arena Environmental Initiatives

aeg-1earth.gifCitizens Business Bank Arena is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint. Citizens Business Bank Arena's commitment to the environment is woven into the way the venue operates through AEG 1EARTH, AEG's environmental program that measures and quantifies the impact of our operations, identifies goals to guide decision-making, and provides tools to continually improve environmental performance. AEG 1EARTH has set company-wide 2020 environmental goals with a focus on energy, water and waste. Citizens Business Bank Arena tracks our progress toward these goals on a monthly basis through AEG Ecometrics which measures our resources consumed and wastes generated. Below are highlights from our environmental efforts:


The 2014 Dry Year Facts

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CBBA-sustainable_sm.gifCitizens Business Bank Arena recognizes that certain human activities contribute to global climate change, which impacts public health and the environment. The best way for us to do our part is to reduce our overall energy demand through energy efficiency. Citizens Business Bank Arena has implemented a number of energy efficient technologies and policies which have resulted in a 40% reduction in energy consumption.


Living in a region that experiences drought, we believe water availability is one of the greatest challenges the world will face. We want to start doing our part now by being a leader in water conservation. Some of our water efficiency efforts include: Installation of waterless urinals, estimated to save over 40,000 gallons of fresh water per urinal per year.


Solid waste generation is growing in volume and toxicity in most communities. The disposal of manufactured products that contain chemicals and metals into landfills causes pollution. We aim to minimize waste and divert as much as possible from landfill to recycling and other productive uses.


The manufacture, use and disposal of the products we buy contribute to our environmental footprint. We are committed to making smart purchasing decisions and selecting environmentally preferable products whenever feasible. :


As an entertainment venue we have an amazing opportunity to raise environmental awareness among our staff and guests. Internally, we educate staff on ways to improve the environmental performance of our venue. We also engage our guests through environmental outreach programs in the community.

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To track our company’s overall progress towards our 2020 Environmental Goals check out AEG’s 2012 Sustainability Report: